Guide to Basic Watch Shapes

Of course, there are many different and interesting shapes created by watch designers, but by and large the shapes most commonly used fall into four main categories. Most famous designers like Michael Kors and other agree that these four familiar shapes are the most popular with the general population and will sell best... you be the judge:

Round is by far the most widely used watch shape. This shape can be found in many of the top designer collections, including the ones from Michael Kors watches. The new MK5401 Michael Kors Silver Madison Petite timepiece is just one example of the round shape used. This watch features a crystal set bezel, which Kors is becoming increasingly admired for and many other prestigious adornments, but why are we so fond of round? The shape can be considered dressy or casual. It is the first case design to evolve from the pocket watch, which gives us a sense of nostalgia, and many folks say that a round dial is easier to read. Ok, these are all great reasons. In addition to these wonderful attributes, a round shape is said to be easier to make water resistant, so it is used quite readily in sport watches.

Next up is the Tonneau. Tonneau actually means barrel shape and it has a more stylish appearance that a round dial, in my opinion. These dials resemble a rectangle and are used in a more deco way with elongated Roman numerals, in many cases. They have an artistic feel and evoke a contemporary and retro look.

The rectangle dial is generally considered to be the most dressy and has a sophisticated look. Often times, designers will curve the case to fit the wearers wrist and make the elongated dial look more fashionable. The most famous rectangular dial would be found in the Cartier Tank watches.

And of course, we have the square dial. These are great for men who love basic geometric shapes. Large-faced square timepieces have taken on a much more fashionable look than in the past with rounded edges that are commonly called cushioned shaped.

The shape of a timepiece is just one of the factors that you must consider when shopping for a new model. Other considerations should be manufacturer, quality, and price. If shopping now, the best place to start is on-line. Search through thousands of models in a matter of moments and choose the proper one for you.