Home Remodeling - Can a Complete Novice Manage a Home Improvemen

Have you just bought a home? Maybe your current home is where you want to stay but it needs to be improved or expanded. Would you like to take an active role in the process but you're not sure what you can do or who to turn to for help?

Question: I don't know anything about building ... can I still run my own remodeling project?


They say that knowledge is power and I would agree. In building, the same holds true. But, how much do you really need to know?

Should you leave it all to the General Contractors, builders, subcontractors and others?

No. I've built a successful business helping people, perhaps like you, to successfully run their own remodeling projects and save money, get more of what they want and avoid the pitfalls that can so often jump up and bite you in the butt.


It can't be slighted. The thing is, you CAN know too little. It's difficult to manage people and processes when you have absolutely zero clue about what to expect. This is when builders and contractors are tempted to take advantage of you and ruin your whole experience.


A very small percentage of owner remodelers go it alone. These are usually people who are currently, or were formerly, in the home building trades or have very close associates in the trades that are willing to work closely with them.

Otherwise, a continuing commitment to learning, along with the use of a "Home Building Coach" is strongly recommended. You must know enough to ask for what is important. And you must know enough to demand certain things are provided for you.


Don't start your project until you have educated yourself enough to, at the very least, hire yourself an experienced and qualified personal advisor (a home building coach) to work along side you and guide you along the way.

Even in remodeling, the Home Building Coach is your secret weapon. She doesn't remove your need for learning but she can greatly enhance your understanding as you learn.

Make this your first priority and you'll be off and running!