How to Buy An Authentic Designer Handbag

Authentic Designer Handbag

The word fake may not be a nice word to describe a person, but in the fashion world, there is a market for items such as "fake" designer handbags. Also called "knock offs" or "replicas", many people will pay good money for these items.

These replicas, or fake fashion items, are made to simulate the look and feel of the original handbag, including features, design, bearing marks and stamps. The great quality that the brand is known for, however, is missing in the fake items. Details, such as quality lining, material, hardware and stitching are missing from the fakes. Say for instance, that you want to identify an authentic Fendi handbag. You would first check that the thread color matches the color of the fabric. These details are often missing in a fake. Replicated handbags, as opposed to authentic handbags, are known for availability and low prices. This works with trends, however, because they are by nature, temporary, and buyers of fakes and replicas, rather than authentic designer handbags, can afford to buy trendy items and then dispose of them later.

The main issue when deciding to purchase authentic handbags rather than fakes is price, which for an authentic handbag, can easily reach several thousand dollars. Many women do not have a large amount of money to buy the latest "in" bag. The advantage, though, is the pure pride of ownership, and of course, using it for many years, and perhaps handing it down as an heirloom. Nonetheless, whether you are looking for sentimental or resale value, purchasing an authentic bag is worthwhile investment.

When considering the decision to purchase authentic bags instead of replicas or fakes, you need to know exactly what it is for which you are paying. You do not want to be scammed into paying a high price for a good-quality replica, and yes, there are fakes of higher quality, just to make them look more authentic. The bag makers are very good at what they do--simulate the brand-name bags. The paperwork, holograms and authenticity marks are so close to the real thing, that it takes a really discerning eye to spot an authentic bag.

Make an informed decision and do not be swayed by advertisements or someone pushing you into a purchase. Instead, purchase a bag that is best for your budget and your personality, and you will not go wrong.