Jackets and Coats to Face All Weathers

Jackets are an important piece of clothing and can protect you from the cold and weather such as snow, sleet and rain. If you do not wear one and stand in one of these conditions you would know about it! You can find a coat to fit any purpose now.

You can get coats in many different materials. There are some made to ensure rain drips off, leaving you fresh and dry underneath. There are also some which feature a warm, fluffy lining to keep the frost at bay. Most people usually have more than one coat in their wardrobe, not just for fashion reasons, but to make sure they have different options whatever weather they face.

When you head out and it is one of those days that you can just tell as soon as you step out of the door it will pour down, you will want to be prepared. One of the best things to wear when it is raining is of course a raincoat! This is made with rain in mind so features the best waterproof material to try and give a run off effect. This should make sure that the water does not absorb into your coat and make you feel damp and cold. You can get rain coats in a number of different lengths and thicknesses so if you wanted to keep warmer you could wear a thick jumper underneath and then your raincoat over the top.

If you are pretty sure you know that the weather is just going to be cold, when it is frosty but the sky is clear, you will want to invest in a warm coat such as a duffle coat. These are lined with warm woolly material inside and out, if it is chilly outside then this would be a perfect choice. They are named after the material which is used; duffle is a thick, coarse wool material. Duffle coats also feature wooden or plastic 'walrus teeth' to fasten them, this was designed when these coats were worn at sea so if a person had really cold hands they would still be able to unfasten their coat with ease.

If you do not want to be walking around with a big, heavy coat on, especially when out shopping all day, you have options. One could be to choose a small, lighter jacket or zipped hooded type. Wearing garments like these can give you a bit of warmth, but will not be too bulky. You can then look stylish whilst keeping at a comfortable temperature when in and out of shops.