Promotional Gifts - Clothing - 3 Things to Avoid - 3 Things to D

There is no doubt about it... Promotional clothing gets a brand noticed. Printing or embroidering a logo onto a polo shirt, jacket or cap can promote your business for months if not years. People love to wear the logos of businesses they know and respect. Each time they wear your logo they are essentially walking billboards for your brand.

Having been in the promotional gifts industry for over 20 years, I would like to offer you a bit of advice so that you can get the most out of your promotional clothing.


1.) Avoid purchasing directly from a catalogue. Let's face it - a shirt looks like a shirt in a catalogue. There is no way to check if for quality from a picture. Believe me, quality can vary greatly.

2.) Avoid poor quality clothing. Would you like to wear clothing that doesn't feel good to wear or loses its shape after washing? Your customers will throw away such cheap garments and your promotion will go away as well.

3.) Avoid Rush Buying. There is no point limiting yourself to those garments that can be personalised in a hurry. If you allow yourself a few weeks before your promotional clothing is needed, you will have a much larger selection to choose from and you could even save on the unit cost.


1.) Ask for printed or embroidered samples. This is the only way you can check not only the quality of the product but the personalisation quality your supplier can achieve. It also allows you to check sizes which can vary from brand to brand.

2.) Consider the use of your promotional clothing. If you are purchasing shirts for your customers, one each is fine. If you are purchasing polo shirts for your employees to wear on a daily basis, you will want to order at least three shirts per person.

No one wants to get home from work and have to do their washing every day.

3.) Insist on quality products. Your promotion will only last as long as your clothing is worn. I like to think of promotional gifts such as clothing by their cost per impression value.

The additional cost for quality clothing will be insignificant if you consider the cost per impression. If a cheap jacket is thrown away after a couple months of use but a quality jacket is worn regularly for years, which offers the be value for your money?

Top quality garments to do not need to be expensive! You can find excellent quality clothing online at a fraction of the cost you will find in printed catalogues.