The Best Golf Shoes For 2010 and Beyond

Golfers are always on their feet whenever they are playing the game. Thus, golf shoes are often the most important pieces of clothing since these are subjected to more wear and tear than, say, the pants and the shirt. Such level of wear and tear means that shoes are the most frequently replaced accessory in golfers.

It is also highly important to ensure that the feet are amply supported by the right golf shoes. Keep in mind that a golf swing also depends on the stability, balance and coordination of the feet, of which the right golf shoes plays a significant role in.

Here are the best golf shoes for 2010. You may have to pay top prices for these shoes but the benefits on the course more than outweighs the cost in the store.

Ecco World Class GTX

The links can be an unforgiving place on the feet especially during wet conditions. Slipping and sliding on the grass is as undesirable as having to deal with wet feet while trying to focus on the shot. Indeed, being dry on the feet is a very important consideration for golfers.

Well, this is where the Ecco World Class GTX comes in. It is made from waterproof materials from the heel to the toe parts, more particularly Gore-tex and water repellent leather. Plus, you also have the benefit of an ultra-stylish shoes, thanks to the classic leather fashioned into a white Ascot design.

FootJoy Icon Shoes

FootJoy manufactures many of the classics in shoes, a tradition that continues to this day with the Icon shoes. Just as each golfer's swing is unique, you can also customize your Icon with various color schemes as well as a monogram on the heel.

Of course, styles are not all there is to the Icon shoes. You are also assured of comfortable fits that can withstand the rigors of 18 holes on wet conditions. In fact, all Icon shoes come with a 2-year warranty on its waterproof property.

Adidas AdiPure Golf Shoes

Adidas is most known for its line of trainers in other sports like basketball. But the landscape is changing so much so that Adidas may well be the next big thing in shoes. Welcome the Adidas AdiPure Golf shoes!

It is a clever combination of the classic shoes made from high-quality leather and the modern shoe technology for which Adidas is known for. You enjoy the benefits of improved comfort, stability and balance on your feet with the stylish silhouette, all of which makes for a truly striking picture on the greens.

So, which one is better? Well, it depends on your needs in golf shoes. Just choose one that best fits your budget and your feet and you should be alright.