Top Coat Styles This Winter

It's that time of year again where wearing a warm winter coat is essential! It's not always easy finding a good styled coat to wear throughout Winter, so here are some style tips on getting the best coat for you!

Pea Coat - This traditionally men's style coat is available in lots of interesting and attractive variations for women. It typically is shown with oversized buttons, larger lapels, and sleeves that may be full length or cropped depending on the designer. Look for this style in high quality wool for maximum protection, but don't settle for traditional black or brown if you want something more flashy. Many designers are offering warm and comfortable pea coats in a variety of colours including bright yellow, hunter green, rich purple, and other eye-catching shades.

Lightweight Feminine - This style can be seen in a variety of lengths and fabrics, ranging from mid-thigh down to mid-calf and in fabrics as diverse as nylons, cotton blends, and polyesters. If you want to go ultra-feminine, choose a style that is gently gathered with a slight A-line shape and ruffled lapels; a tie belt is even better as it allows you to emphasise your waistline and show off your sexy curves.

Double Breasted - A classic coat style that is more popular than ever this season thanks to its practical styling and exceptional good looks. It's available this year in a range of colours from the traditional darker colours to striking jewel tones like greens, reds and blues. Look for a double breasted coat to have heavier, warm construction that often includes a turned-up neckline for extra protection against the cold. The flared look is also popular this year, giving your curves a bit of extra emphasis without sacrificing anything in terms of comfort and warmth.

Duffle Coat - Very practical and very warm, but you don't have to sacrifice style entirely with this type of coat. Brighter colour coates or contrasting hood liners will help add some flash colour to the dismal weather as well as keeping you warm. It's a great way to balance comfort and warmth with just enough fashion and style to keep you feeling interesting, exciting, and the centre of attention.

With so many styles out there - make sure you choose one that you will enjoy wearing through the Winter season!